We believe God continues to build His Kingdom here in the Pacific Northwest in a mighty way.


Our Story

Many recognize the work of C.S. Lewis before his name or knowing his Christian journey.  It was in 1976 that C.S. Institute was founded with a vision that Christians would know and follow the example of discipleship embodied by Lewis.  Starting on the east coast, CSLI grew region by region, as well as globally.  CSLI came to Seattle in 2012. During the past decade, over 50 graduates have embraced this course of study together. The goal of CSLI-Seattle is to grow closer to Jesus, grow closer to one another, and commit to making disciples in all areas of our lives. We enjoy the community of C. S. Lewis Fellows, who are worldwide playing their role in the Great Commission by serving in various trades, professions, and ministries to which the Lord has called them.

“Mere change is not growth.   Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity, there is no growth”.   C.S. Lewis – Selected Literary Essays


Randy Bridges, Advisory Board Member

“We are Bible-believing Christ-followers committed to growing and strengthening our faith, to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us.

How do you get started in your faith journey? 

Are you wondering what to do next?

That’s where we come in.”

Joel Woodruff, C.S.Lewis Institute President

Seattle/Fellows Program

Visit C.S. Lewis Institute’s website to read more about the Fellows program and apply.

“When I applied to the CS Lewis Institute, I was stationed at a remote US Army post, enduring the death of my father, and going through a divorce.  I had been a Christian my entire life, but in the midst of how my life was turning out, I felt unworthy and a fraud.  Then I discovered CSLI’s Seattle chapter.  Instead of realizing all my fears of being judged, excluded, and isolated, here was an organization that heard my story and welcomed me. I came to each group meeting energized by the vibrant and intellectual reading material and left refreshed by the company of Christians earnestly seeking after God.  This is a life-changing ministry, and the only thing I recommend you do is experience it too.”


Fellow Program Structure: Thanks to our friends at CSLI-Toronto for this video about the structure of the Fellows Program.

Fellows Program Testimonials: Thanks for our friends at CSLI-Chicago for this video where several Fellows explain what the program has meant to them in their Christian journey.

Fellows Triad “teaser”:  An integral part of the Fellows program is a small group approach, in groups of three or four.  Just a quick teaser answering What is it? 

Fellows Triad Example:  Beyond the teaser, a candid 40-minute example.

Life, Faith & Works of C. S. Lewis

Visit C.S. Lewis Institute’s website to read more about the Fellows program and apply.

Meet Our Team

Brian Rall

Brian Rall

City Director-Seattle

Randy J. Bridges

Randy J. Bridges

Advisory Board Member & Teaching Fellow

Donna Marie Bertrand

Donna Marie Bertrand


Rick Oates

Rick Oates

Program Material Review/Updates New Student Onboarding