We trust these FAQs give you insights into the structure and commitments of the CSLI-Fellows Program. We welcome your questions.

Do you wonder about the founders of CSLI-Fellow?


Listen to Co-Founder Jim Hiskey respond to the question – “what would you pray for a new CSLI-Fellow?”

Hear his heart as he prays for you.

Q. CSLI- Fellow: Who are they, what do they do? Would I be a good fit?
  • The CSLI Institute established the Fellows program to engage individuals seeking a diligent course of study desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and other believers.
  • If you enjoy reading, writing, and discussion; if you have a heart for the unsaved; if you want to develop as a disciple and encourage other disciples – you are a good fit.
Q. How much time do I need to plan on a monthly basis?
  • Individual study: Bible study, readings, assignments, and writing a response paper (This will be the bulk of you time).
  • Memorization of scripture – A few verses each month.
  • Monthly Seattle Chapter Meeting –second Saturday each month, an in-person gathering, usually from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Monthly Triplet/Quad Meeting – Meeting with other Year One students (in-person or remote) 90 minutes.
  • Monthly Mentor Meeting – Meeting with your mentor (in-person or remote) 60 to 90 minutes.

The above monthly activities vary with each person, yet plan on about 30 to 40 hours each month

  • Fall Retreat – A retreat is held early in the Fall, Friday Night to Sunday.
  • There are one-time events later in the year as well.
Where do you meet?

The regular location for our monthly meeting (2nd Saturday from September to June) is University Presbyterian Church (UPC) in Seattle.  On a few occasions we may met at another location in the greater Seattle area.  The program is designed around in-person meetings strengthening our discipleship ties.  We may consider virtual experiences case-by-case.

Do the Fellows Year One & Year Two meet at the same day, time and place? Does Life, Faith & Writings of C.S. Lewis meet at the same place, day and time?

Yes, this way we can enjoy the fellowship of the larger group. 

Q. How much does the course cost?
  • There is no cost for the course.
  • The main cost is for the books and other assignments each month. (2021 – $250 to $300).
  • Travel to monthly in-person meetings (and one-time events).
  • Fall Retreat (2021 – $200).
  • CSLI does encourage local church tithing and giving. After this giving Fellows are asked to make the Institute one of the ministries they support on a regular basis.
Q. What other commitments are expected?
  • Prayer – A consistent prayer life, individually, as well as jointly for those supporting you through this course of study. For some, this includes their local pastor, family member, or close spiritual confidant. 
  • Commitment to timely and professional submission of monthly materials.
  • Have a heart for discipleship and commit time to engage with believers about discipleship, whether local church or CSLI-Fellows programs.
Q. What do you read and study?
  • Quoting one of the co-founders, Dr. Jim Houston – “The goal of the C.S. Lewis Institute is not to make more fans of Lewis, but to make thousands of more people LIKE Lewis.”
  • To this point, well over 75% of the material study is in support of C.S. Lewis’s writings and beliefs. Much of the studies refer to and quote C.S. Lewis so familiarity with Lewis’ writing is helpful (yet not required).
Q. What do you write?

Each month there are various written assignments

  • Bible Study
  • Various checklists, surveys, or tests to aid in your time management or personal understanding
  • A response paper – one to three pages, 1.5 spaced. They are meant to be more than a book report.  They are meant to have the Fellow engage, wrestle with the truths being studied. 
Q. Who are the CSLI-Fellows Mentors?

CSLI-Fellows graduates of both Year One and Year Two. Some may have just finished their Second year; some are alumni from previous years.

Q. What is a mentor call like?
  • Supportive, caring, experienced, listener, encourager, guides wrestling with the material and confidant.
  • The practical outline is something you and your mentor will review the elements of your call during your first session.
  • You will decide together location, in-person or remote; duration, 60 to 90 minutes; how the review of your materials will proceed; how you will review memorized scripture; and how to pray together.
Q. Does CSLI offer more courses than this course?
  • There is also a Year Two Fellows course.
  • A Fellow may choose to do only Year One. For those who want to continue to Year Two, we highly encourage only one gap year between them.  We know that circumstances do change and those will be considered on an individual basis.
Q. How do I receive information and from whom?
  • We encourage all CSLI-Fellows to sign-up for the Institute’s newsletter.
  • Additionally, the Seattle chapter has a monthly newsletter about just our chapter’s upcoming events, updated resources and other community support updates. You will receive emails from time-to-time.   Communication between triplet/quads and mentors are agreed upon separately.
Q. I read and understand the CSLI-Fellows program as outlined on www.cslewisinstitute.org . I notice there are several chapters. Are all chapters alike? Does Seattle have differences?
  • Each chapter abides by the Institute’s guidelines.
  • It is also true that chapters do have some different characteristics to better fit the needs of their communities.
  • Any deviations from the Institute’s written materials, such as handbooks, are clearly communicated in advance.

More questions?

We look forward to listening and helping you prayerfully consider your next step.   No questions?   Use this link to apply now.